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Sole Australian Importer & Distributor for Rustin's Quality Wood Finishes. 

The Woodsmith Import a selected range of Rustin's wood finishing products
Danish Oil - Plastic Coating - Wood Dyes - Waxes - Worktop Oil - 
Steel Wool- Chopping Board Oil - Wax Sticks- Lint Free Cloths & more..   
Ideal for Woodturners, Carvers, Woodworkers etc…


We appoint selected stockists throughout Australia, 
Please contact one of our stockists to make your purchase…

For details of Victorian and Interstate stockists visit 

Please Scroll down to see the range of products we import and distribute. 

PLEASE NOTE :- A number of  items are Flammable.  

The products that can be Posted can be purchased below...

Chopping Board Oil  250ml

Rustin's Worktop Oil
500ml - $29.50 - 
1 Litre - $52.00

Prep Cloths 
Rustin's Prep Cloths are cleverly designed to easily pick up and hold dust, dirt and fibres leaving a clean surface prior to painting and varnishing, making decorating preparation easier. These resin impregnated cloths are ideal for use prior to final coating as one light wipe will remove all particles that are left on the surface leaving it smooth for a first class finish with no sticky residue. They can be used time and time again; just fold the Prep Cloth and pop it into the bag it came from to use next time you want a professional finish.

 Buy Now 250ml  $26.50

Buy Now 500ml $29.50

Rustin's Chopping Board Oil  
A blend of natural plant oils to nourish and protect chopping boards and worktops.

It penetrates the wood with no surface film to chip. It has a clear finish to enhance the natural beauty of wood.

This new food safe Oil contains anti-microbial additives with a slow release formula which provide protection against a wide range of bacteria including E-coli and MRSA.

Buy Now 1 Litre $52.00

Rustin's Worktop Oil
A unique water-borne blend of natural plant oils and other special ingredients which nourishes and protects all types of timber. It is a quick-drying wooden work surface treatment, leaving a durable and water-resistant seal which is not vulnerable to scratching or chipping. 
Solvent free and suitable for the kitchen or in any other food-related environment. Plant oils used in its formulation originate from sustainable sources. 
One litre will cover around 13 square metres per coat depending on the absorbency of the wood.

Finest Grade High Quality 
Steel Wool

Good value 
150gram roll
0000+ Plus

Fine Grade High Quality 
Steel Wool

Good value 
150gram roll boxed


Clear Ceramic Glaze for Restoration
One-part quick drying water-borne Ceramic Glaze

Rustin's quick drying ceramic clear glaze is a one part ambient cross linking Acrylic resin suitable for stoving or use as a cold setting (at room temperature) glaze. The finish is colourless. Does not yellow on ageing highly durable and resistant to abrasion, impact and most solvents. Suitable for use on china clay and ceramics. Can be applied by brush or by air-brush and is compatible with most Artists Acrylic colours, Artists dry powder pigments, and Acrylic Airbrush paints.

Fine Grade Oil Free Steel Wool 
0000 + PLUS

Fine Grade Oil Free Steel Wool 

Ceramic Glaze 

Ceramic Glaze 
1 Litre

Buy Now  $14.50

Buy Now $12.95

Buy Now $39.50


Rustin's Wax Filler Sticks are ideal for filling small dents and chips on your wooden 
furniture. Also handy for filling knot holes & faults in woodturnings. 
Available in Light, Medium or Dark wood shades. 

Each pack contains 4 wax sticks and 1 applicator.
Rustin's Lint Free Cloths. For applying products like Danish Oil,  Wax, Wood Dye & French Polish. 
3 in a pack-300mm x 300mm
Rustin's Prep Cloths easily pick up and hold dust, dirt and fibres leaving a clean surface prior to finishing. Just one light wipe, can be used time and time again.

Wax Filler Light Wax Filler Medium Wax Filler Dark

Lint Free Cloths

Prep Cloths

Buy Now KIT of 4 $17.50

Buy Now KIT of 4 $17.50

Buy Now KIT of 4 $17.50

Buy Now  Pack of 3 $9.50
Lint Free Cloths


Buy Now  Pack of 3 $9.50
Prep Cloths

The following products are Flammable & can't be posted. 

These can be sent by Road Freight, Ask for a quote

Please contact one of our Resellers in your area for supply.
Listed on our Rustin's Australia Website. 

Rustin's Danish Oil
Excellent finish tor 
woodturnings, carvings
& all woodwork.

Very easy to use
gives a natural low
lustre finish.

250ml -$15.50 500ml - $23.50 1 Litre - $42.50 5 Litre - $159.00

Rustin's DANISH OIL Sizes,   250ml,   500ml,   1Litre,   5 Litre

Rustin's Plastic Coating  -  The Ultimate High Gloss Finish, will not yellow stays Crystal Clear for years...

Complete Boxed Kit - $55.00 250ml PC & Hard - $28.50 1 Litre PC & Hard - $67.50 500ml PC Thinner- $24.50

Plastic Coating Kit

Plastic Coating Refil 250ml

Plastic Coating 1 Litre

Plastic Coating Thinner

Rustin's Renovators - easy to use for quick furniture renovation...

125ml - $8.50 125ml - $8.50 125ml - $8.50 125ml - $8.50 125ml - $8.50 125ml - $9.50 63ml - $8.50

Scratch Cover 

Scratch Cover Medium

Scratch Cover 

Surface Cleaner

Finish Reviver

Metal Shine

Burnishing Cream


250ml - $14.50

   500ml - $29.50 - 1 Litre - $54.50

250ml - $16.50 250ml - $19.50

Wood Dye 10 Colours  Garden Furniture Oil Leather Cleaner Leather Protection

400ml Tin - $23.50 250ml - $28.50 125ml - $11.00 125ml - $8.50 Pack of 3 - $9.50

Rustin's  Premium Paste Wax

Briwax Natural 
Creamed Wax

Liquid Wax

Ring Remover

3 Lint Free Cloths per Pack


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