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History of  The Woodsmith Pty Ltd  
How we started & some of the milestones along the way. 

From Antique Furniture Restoration to Woodturning & Woodturning Tuition & 
the supply of everything woodturning for hobbyists & professionals.

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A unique Australian family owned  business, established  
37 years ago
, to teach the craft of  woodturning. 
We now provide the following quality goods and services...   

HIGHEST QUALITY TIMBER Seasoned ready to use.

Highest quality selected dry timber for Woodturning & Carving.
In Squares, Bandsawn Discs, Blocks, Short Boards, Limbwood and Small Pieces in many species and sizes. Also Burls & Burl Blocks Our terrific timber stocks include "Rare Exotics" and Selected Australian Species, some of the most colourful andspectacular woods from around the world. 

Sole Australian Importer & Distributor for over 30 years...  

We import and distribute the large range of these high quality easy to use wood finishes.
These are excellent for finishing Woodturning, Carving and all other Woodwork. 

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Our Rustin's Australia Website... 


Direct Importer & Distributor of:- 
Made in the USA

Woodworkers, Woodturners & Woodcarvers, Musical Instrument Makers & 
Antique Restorers, all use these products for fast & effective bonding of timber 
& other materials.

We specialise in mail order throughout Australia by post, road freight or courier.


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A unique family owned business in our 38th year of supplying Woodturners, Carvers & Woodworkers.

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